A bit of history

In spring 2014, Gérald Lacroix and Josée Métivier began to dream of having their own craft distillery. Early retirees, they started visiting distilleries in Canada in search of inspiration. Their travels helped them crystalize their vision of opening their own distillery in a pastoral country setting and making it a destination.

They found the perfect spot in fall 2015, after a chance meeting with Richard Massé and Nathalie Bourbeau, who were planning to build a new structure on their land, for their maple sugaring operation. It was love at first sight for Gérald and Josée. They loved the building’s architecture and its location. Situated halfway between Granby and Bromont, at the foot of beautiful Mount Shefford, and offering fields and a maple grove from which to harvest the basic ingredients, the project finally materialized.

The building was ready by summer 2016, and installation of the distillery equipment began. In late January 2017, Distillerie Shefford received its distiller’s license and operations began.

A lot of passion

Our mission is to develop and offer consumers distilled products that promote Quebec's terroir, and more specifically Shefford's terroir. By growing our own grain and operating our own sugar bush, we have most of the ingredients that we need to make our spirits. Our visitors will enjoy a unique location where passion and terroir come together to create a whole range of incredible flavors.

Building of maple shack and distillery...

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